The Global Elite vs. American Nationalism

The great majority of the world’s population does not have the luxury of looking beyond their own home, hut, or village, much less a state, country, or the entire world. But to the Global Elite, made up of world leaders and the ultra wealthy, the world is their backyard. Because of this, they see things from an entirely different perspective than you or I. These people have dynastic wealth and power which most of us cannot comprehend. They look at the world’s population and resources as something they have to manage, mostly in their own self-interest of course. In essence, they have created a worldwide feudal system in which we are all a part of whether we like it or not. The rise of Nationalism threatens the system they have created, and thus they have done a tremendous job of brainwashing the masses into thinking of Nationalism as something to be looked down upon (they love invoking Hitler at the first hint of a nationalist uprising).

In order to keep this worldwide feudal system running smoothly, they use certain tools at their disposal, I'm going to focus on four of the largest. Some of these tools are their own creation, or they have enhanced or exploited pre-existing ones. One of the biggest in their toolbox is abortion. This article is not pro or anti-abortion, that's an entirely different article altogether. Abortion for the Global Elite is part of a delicate balancing act of genocide they need to maintain to keep the unwashed masses from rising up. The bottom line is they need to manage the population to what they feel is a sustainable level, and many of them feel the current population is already way too high. At the same time, they also need a certain number of working poor, middle class, and even modestly wealthy people to keep the gears turning, and stave of a mass uprising. Abortion to them is beautifully sinister, it kills off the undesirables, yet at the same time it "empowers" another large swath of the population making them feel important and worthwhile. It's all a balancing act, the women's rights marcher types had their eight years under Obama, now the Bible thumpers get a few years having it their way. The Global Elites don't really care that Trump ran as a pro life candidate, they do care when he starts cutting off funding for abortion outside America's borders as he's already done.

Next comes immigration, or open borders. This primarily comes down to cheap labor. The two largest economies in the world being the United States and the European Union need cheap labor. This labor is evolving, it's not the stereotypical Mexican picking lettuce, no Silicon Valley needs it's cheap (relatively speaking) programmers and code writers. With the growth of the welfare state, many welfare queens in United States see absolutely no point in being a checker at Walmart when they can effectively make more on subsidized housing, food stamps, and free healthcare. Of course the hard working immigrant be it legal or illegal, fills that void. Finally, the Global Elite want cheap labor in their own homes as well, and the beauty of hiring illegals is they can avoid all the nasty red tape they created themselves! It's obvious why Trump's hard line stance on illegal immigration is not popular with the Global Elite.


Another tool at their disposal which is primarily used in industrial, or "first world" countries is the battle between big business and big government. Despite what many Americans believe, this is what politics really boils down to, not Democrats versus Republicans. This presents itself in different variations depending on the country, but the theory is universally applicable. Roughly half the people see big business as the real problem, and the other half see big government as the problem. The Global Elite love this because they are playing both sides! If you look closely it's generally the same revolving door of people who are holding the highest positions of government or corporate power throughout the world. Trump scares the Global Elite because believe it or not despite being a billionaire prior to becoming President, he was not part of the club. Trump does not come from dynastic wealth such as the Rockefellers or Carnegies, he's a newcomer in the billionaires club. Prior to being President he never held a high cabinet office in any government. His nationalistic ideas also do not serve the agenda of the Global Elite, and with America being the world's largest economy they don't like that.


Last but certainly not least is climate change, or whatever it's current incarnation may be. For the Global Elite that's part of the beauty of climate change, it's ubiquitous and can morph into whatever suits them at the time. Climate change has become and actually eclipsed the military industrial complex. People do become war weary eventually, but you can never stop loving the environment. They really don't care what's happening to our planet. As long as they can create a crisis out of it, exploit you, and tax you, they're happy. That's why you never see the negative side of the "green" economy widely publicized. There is always a negative side by the way, the nickel mines needed for the batteries in electric cars are a huge environmental hazard. Not to mention the fact the most of Elon Musk's ventures are highly government subsidized. Do you really think all the solar panels covering the floor of the Mojave desert won't have a negative impact in some form on the environment and it's creatures? By creating new tax schemes, businesses, and regulation under the guise of environmentalism the Global Elite can't go wrong! By Trump not bowing at the altar of climate change he is threatening an entire industry in which the Global Elite, and want to be Global Elites are heavily involved.

Of course some people will argue now that he's President, Trump is trying to get into the club as evidenced by his cabinet picks. While others may argue he will eventually be co-opted by the Global Elite, only time will tell. Then there's the theory that Trump and his advisor's just knew these positions were ripe for the picking and used them to get elected. I'm doubtful of this one because what he's done so far shows he meant at least a portion of what he said on the campaign trail. One thing I know for certain, they do not like him and he is upsetting the order of things. Ultimately though what will Trump symbolize? Just a blip on the Globalist radar screen, or America being taken back by Americans?