Why now? That’s what I keep asking myself about all the recent sexual assault/abuse allegations. Most of the allegations surfacing now are several years old, even all the old Bill Clinton scandals are somehow gaining traction now. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh briefly the other day and a woman called in who said she believed women are emboldened to come forward now due to Trump being President. Her reasoning was women have taken note of Trump’s success being bold, abrasive, and outspoken. No way in hell, I appreciate her out of the box thinking, but I’m not buying that at all. It’s all a setup, and here’s why… Liberal/progressives control the media, disagree with me and you’re either naïve or deranged. The Harvey Weinstein malfeasance had been going on for years, so why would liberals allow the story to come out now? Weinstein is one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, and a tremendous fundraiser for the democratic party. Liberals have been clamoring for a way to impeach Trump, and the groundwork is being laid right before our eyes. Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, John Conyers, and Charlie Rose are all sacrificial lambs. If those liberal icons can be taken down by the liberal media, then nobody will doubt them when they inevitably come for Trump, the only question is when. I predict it will be on a slow news day, Gloria Allred will be involved, and it will be within the next 6 months.

I know many of you are thinking that something like this would have come out during the election to derail Trump. I can assure you as someone who lives in the vipers den that is the DC area, no one legitimately believed Trump would win and the cost/benefit numbers didn’t add up at the time. They really thought they had him with the “grab’em by the pussy” audio, and concluded no further digging was needed. Well he did win, and now liberals are willing to go to previously unthinkable lengths to get rid of him. The Russia collusion story is proof of this, and since that has backfired all bets are off. Progressives have historically had no problem with eating their own to reach their goal, with comrade Stalin being the gold standard in this regard.

Trump is also extremely vulnerable to this type of attack. His history with the Miss America pageant and just being around young, beautiful women, with lofty career aspirations make him an easy target. Many people already suspect him of being guilty already of workplace sexual harassment at the very least. I suspect the progs/dems/libs (or PDL’s) are searching for a much bigger prize, most likely in the criminally chargeable sexual assault realm. Getting Trump not only impeached, but criminally prosecuted is the ultimate goal. It hasn’t happened yet because the PDL’s are being diligent in their search. They need to find the perfect victim, preferably a black, Hispanic, or middle eastern woman. Next, they need to find the correct crime, which is a felony sexual assault. The next step is to find the correct venue as different states have different statutes of limitations, and charging/sentencing guidelines. Fortunately, for the PDL’s purposes many states have no statute of limitations on felony sexual assault cases now.

So while the drum is still being beaten regarding the Russia conspiracy and Robert Mueller continues to dig for anything criminal on Trump or his associates, the failsafe plan is feverishly in the works. It’s only a question of when it will be revealed, but you won’t miss it when it is, CNN and MSNBC will be sure of that.