Why now? That’s what I keep asking myself about all the recent sexual assault/abuse allegations. Most of the allegations surfacing now are several years old, even all the old Bill Clinton scandals are somehow gaining traction now. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh briefly the other day and a woman called in who said she believed women are emboldened to come forward now due to Trump being President. Her reasoning was women have taken note of Trump’s success being bold, abrasive, and outspoken. No way in hell, I appreciate her out of the box thinking, but I’m not buying that at all. It’s all a setup, and here’s why…

The Global Elite vs. American Nationalism

The great majority of the world’s population does not have the luxury of looking beyond their own home, hut, or village, much less a state, country, or the entire world. But to the Global Elite, made up of world leaders and the ultra wealthy, the world is their backyard. Because of this, they see things from an entirely different perspective than you or I. These people have dynastic wealth and power which most of us cannot comprehend.